Monday, 22 September 2014


Hey Loves ! Today it's all about the clothes, Autumn season and my favourite items. It's really hard to organize your wardrobe when you are travelling from one place to another. As I lived in London for a year, now came back to Lithuania for a few months and soon enough I'm going back to London again..some of my clothes are still in the bags hahah! 

Today I want to share my personal view to the Autumn trends and colours.Personally, I totally disagree with those, who think that this rainy and windy season is dedicated for dark colours, such as grey, black, brown and others. No, No and No! When the view outside is so grey (not always but most of the time), I just love to add some pastel or bright colours to my outfits.

I think that leather trousers, a top or a dress is just a must this season! I already have my favourite black leather (fake of course) trousers from Zara and a white leather skirt is on my wishlist as well! Also, I still have a little obsession for stripes and squares, so some classy trousers, skirt or shorts with these ornaments will always add something special to your image.

What about outwear, I would suggest fur, huge knitwear, leather jackets.. However, plane colours are highly recommended! It doesn't matter that white and other light colours are mostly suggested for spring/summer.Wear it during autumn/winter season as well, you'll be noticed in the streets for sure! 

My favourite accessory this season is definitely sunglasses! Yes, it's more useful during the summer but we have those beautiful sunny days in the autumn season as well. I suggest you to experiment with more detailed ones as it makes even the simplest outfit look more exclusive!

More of my autumn favourites you'll find in these pictures and now let's talk about VINTED.LT GIVEAWAY !


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Sunday, 21 September 2014


When people ask me, how would I describe my personal style, I am always saying that it's a mix of classy & edgy or sporty. And even if sometimes I am still wondering whether it's true or maybe my style is always changing, yesterday I realised that exactly these 3 styles matched together make me feel the most comfy ! I rarely wear heels so I usually choose sneakers or ankle shoes. Instead of some romantic style coats or jackets, I usually pick something more heavy, like a biker jacket, however, to add some variety to my outfits, I love matching a light romantic dress, some classic style trousers or a top.
I think it's quite difficult to find your own style, but as soon as you find it, all those shopping days (I am not a big lover of browsing through the stores the whole day) become much more easier as you always know what to pick! Well yes, you may say "it's easy to say", but it takes some time. The advice that I can give to you guys is, never be afraid of trying! If some item catches your eye in the store because of its exclusive look, always try, even if you think that maybe it's completely not your style. Few years ago, I was actually taking so many items with me to the fitting room as I had no idea what fits me the best. Now, when I do some shopping, I pick just a few of them and I'm almost 100 proc. sure that it will fit me!
I really believe that life is about trying and exploring new things, it's fun and at the same time helps us to find more about ourselfs!

dress REDLABEL / jacket & shoes ZARA / sunglasses ZEROUV

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


We are always trying to avoid many layers during the summer season, however in the Autumn it's vice versa! When you match the items perfectly, it looks just brilliant and also makes you keep warm. Actually, I prefer matching different plane colours instead of textures and adding some more exclusive details to the outfit, such as  noticeable sunglasses, a bag or shoes. Well yes, my opinion is changing quite often, especially when talking about clothes! Even if you think that you don't have what to wear at the moment, the same items could become your favourite after a year or so. It's actually funny, but this is the reason why I keep my old clothes in a wardrobe for a long time. You know, maybe one day, you never know hahah!

sunnies ZEROUV / bag ZARA / blazer LAVICH ALICE / dress SISLEY / trousers ZARA / shoes RIVER ISLAND

Monday, 15 September 2014


Hey Loves ! I'm super excited to present you the new section on my blog which is dedicate to all gents! As I really adore the style of the man next to me, this idea came to my mind. There are so many blogs presenting outfit ideas for women but not that many with the concept for men. I believe that these posts, which we'll try to share a few times a month, will give you some new ideas which you could share with your beloved ones!

I think many girls would agree that a man with a suit is a perfect match. I'm very happy that more and more guys are brave enough to wear not only black suit, but also to play with colors, different textures and interesting details. 

What about this look, it is very autumn ish because of its dark tones! However, you can always add a bright white or even sky blue shirt which make the look brighter. Also, shoes, belt or cufflinks will always be those details that make the look more exclusive! Even if the suit is very basic and classy, let's say black, picking some more interesting and unique shoes or a belt, will always make you noticeable! 

I really hope you liked this post! Your opinion is highly appreciated and please let me know what do you think & if you would like to see more men fashion related posts on ADM x

Trousers & shoes ZARA / shirt H&M / belt RIVER ISLAND / blazer SURFACE TO AIR

Sunday, 14 September 2014


I am a big lover of home interior! I actually wanted to study interior design some time ago, Well, things are changing, however I still love to get inspired by those home interior images! Today I am sharing some of them with you guys, hope you'll find some useful ans inspiring ideas x

Saturday, 13 September 2014


Look at these pictures. Could you imagine that it's Autumn already?? As I remember September, it was mostly rainy and windy but at the moment I really feel like it's London over here! And that's just perfect because I missed that city so so much, cannot wait to come back and visit all those beautiful & inspiring places and meet my lovely friends again.

I don't know how about you guys, but I just hate wearing tights so it's such a pleasure to go outside only with a skirt and sandals. Well yes, to bring some feeling of Autumn I decided to wear these short lovely socks. And yes, I know that some people really don't think they look great together with the open sandals. However, I really think it gives some additional charm to the outfit !

By the way, a very exciting post is coming up on Monday! I really believe that you'll be very surprised in a good way. Cannot wait x


dress NEW YORKER/shoes & bag PRIMARK/jacket ZARA/sunglasses ZEROUV/necklace BIBJEWELRY

Friday, 12 September 2014


In my previous post I showed you the first outfit wearing some beauties from H&M Studio collection. Today, my look is completely different but at the same time super cozy and warm. What I really like about this collection, is that clothes are made of the good quality fabrics such as silk or cashmere. I really think that it puts this collection to the next level !

This time I tried to match very light, silky shorts with the lacy details (a nightwear trend is still here!) together with a cozy, bright orange knitwear which is something perfect for Autumn season. Also, I did not forget this massive coat which is also very trendy at the moment and makes you keep warm even if you are wearing skirt or shorts.

Monday, 8 September 2014


As you may know, previous Thursday was launched a brand new H&M studio collection! I was very excited as I got an invitation to check those gorgeous clothes just before the store opened and also to have a proper photoshoot with them. Well yes, we didn't receive the whole collection here in Lithuania but believe me, you can really find something beautiful for yourself! Personally, I wanted to get way more than half of the collection and this is quite a big thing, because usually I'm very picky. 

Anyway, I prepared 3 different looks in 3 different posts specially for you guys! Today I want to present you my very first outfit which is probably my favourite. I just love that masculine part of the collection: loose classy trousers and blazers which remind a man suit but at the same time looks perfect on a woman figure. Well, I didn't want to look too classy and too office style, so I took this gorgeous bustier from the Studio collection as well! 


Saturday, 6 September 2014


I became such a black colour lover, can't believe myself ! I was usually wearing bright colours, well at least accessories, but at the moment black is something that I want to wear everyday! If you follow me on Instagram (@amoureusedemode) you may noticed that not only black colour but also leather details will be appearing on my blog quite often!
This look is my third look for our collaboration with NEW YORKER and this time I matched some lacy details with a touch of denim and a heavy biker jacket. You can find this kind of jacket in so many stores at the moment, but the price and quality of the one I have it's just perfect, believe me! It suits almost every outfit and helps you to keep warm during these early autumn days.

all look by New Yorker

Friday, 5 September 2014


Finally Friday! Even if I'm on holidays at the moment, I'm actually living such a busy lifestyle, have to wake up at 8 am in the morning almost everyday and have nooo time just to sit and forget about everything. However, I would probably die of doing nothing here at home so all these projects, collaborations and meetings are keeping me alive and I would say it's the time when I'm challenging myself the most! I don't know how about you guys, but I was always thinking, how come some people manage to do so many things in such a short time period, but the more you do, the better result you reach, you improve faster and that's what we should do while we are young, don't you think so? I really don't think that we have just to work and work very hard because you always have to find the time for yourself. Well yes, if you are hardworking, you love what you do and you put all yourself to reach the best results, then it's just a dream thing!
Talking about my outfit, it's my second look for Julia Janus collaboration. Just love these pictures made by my beloved photographer/amazing friend Deimante and this gorgeous, creamy dress. I really think we found a perfect location for this look and I'm more than happy about the result. As you may noticed, the sleeves of a dress are velvet and the creamy fabric is just perfectly suitable for the autumn/winter season.
P.S. They have some really cool bags in JJ stores! One of them I'm showing you in the picture below, pretty isn't it??

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